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The "Take Charge of Your Nursing Career" webinar series was designed to help you succeed. Featuring distinguished nursing leaders, each webinar offers practical advice for growing and managing your career.
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How to Take Advantage of Nursing's Amazingly Bright Future Dr. Linda Burnes-Bolton, CNO of Cedars Sinai Medical Center & Vice Chair on the Future of Nursing Report, with Dr. Phyllis Quinlan, Professional Nursing Coach.
How Empowering Others Can Power Up Your Career Ardelle Bigos, Atlantic Health System, with Dr. Phyllis Quinlan, Professional Nursing Coach.
How to Create a Competitive Advantage in Today's Job Market Ann Bures, R.N., MA, CHCR Lead Nurse Recruiter, University of Maryland Medical Center, with Dr. Phyllis Quinlan, Professional Nursing Coach.
How Neck-Up Nursing Can Lead to Success Dr. Dennis Sherrod, Professor of Nursing, Winston-Salem State University, with Dr. Phyllis Quinlan, rofessional Nursing Coach.

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